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History & Theory

Que se pierda en el paisaje

Una comisión de diseño en un pueblo fantasma convertido en destino turístico permitió a Departamento del Distrito explorar ideas de preservación histórica.

Interview September 6, 2022

Retaining Walls

A design commission in a ghost town turned tourist destination allowed Departamento del Distrito to explore ideas about historic preservation.

Interview July 19, 2022

A Life Worth Living

Azra Akšamija explores the complex role of culture in war and other crises.

Interview May 24, 2022

Installation as Testing Ground

For Sekou Cooke, a Chicago installation offered opportunities to unite multiple strands of design inquiry.

Interview March 29, 2022

This Land Is Whose Land?

To make infrastructure and industrial sites better neighbors within cities, Landing Studio addresses complex questions of ownership and governance.

Interview March 23, 2022

Concrete, Reformed

Changing the way we use concrete could create broad-ranging benefits for society, says Tsz Yan Ng.

Interview March 16, 2022

Computing without Computers

As the built environment becomes ever more digitized, Felecia Davis believes architects should adopt a more expansive definition of technology.

Interview March 9, 2022

Inhotim: Contemporary Ruralities

Amanda Coen writes about the role of cultural institutions in rural development by looking at the Inhotim art center in Brumadinho, Brazil.

Essay July 28, 2021