Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Selected Projects

A catalog produced on the occasion of Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Selected Projects, a 1992 exhibition presented by The Architectural League of New York and the Italian Cultural Institute.

The 24-page newsprint publication features an introduction by Paul S. Byard, then president of The Architectural League, and an essay by Peter Buchanan entitled “Time and Place, Technology and Nature in the Work of The Renzo Piano Building Workshop.” The essay includes a discussion of the following Renzo Piano Building Workshop projects:

  • UNESCO Reconstruction Experiment
  • IBM Traveling Pavilion
  • Lingotto Factory renovation
  • The Menil Collection
  • Office Workshop
  • San Nicola Stadium
  • Rue de Meaux housing
  • Columbus International Exposition in Genoa
  • J.M. Tjibau Cultural Center
  • Padre Pio pilgrimage church
  • Kansai International Aiport