Precursors of Postmodernism

Catalogue for the 1982 exhibition organized by The Architectural League of New York, curated by Fulvio Irace with photographs by Gabriele Basilico.

In their relentless pursuit of Utopian models, the architects of the Modern Movement engaged in a Long Journey they believed would lead, in the course of generations, to social justice and a humane world. The price paid for such a single-minded quest was the neglect of he Shirt Journey — the twenty-four hours of the day, the many daily routines and rituals of which Long Journeys are composed. In order to see the future clearly and run toward it lightly, these pursuers of Utopia unburdened themselves of architectural memories. Seeking to achieve purity as they approached their ever-receding goal, they also deprived themselves of the pleasures of ornament and texture. Hence, the Day, as the measurement of an individual’s existential cycle, was sacrificed to The Generation as the earliest due date for social reckoning.

—Emilio Ambasz, President, The Architectural League of New York