Past New York State Council on the Arts League-sponsored Independent Projects Grantees

The Architecture + Design Program of the New York State Council on the Arts awards project grants for professionals in the architecture, design, and historic preservation fields through its Independent Projects Category. Individuals must apply through a nonprofit sponsor. The Architectural League welcomes anyone interested to apply through the League.

Recipients of League-sponsored Independent Project grants from the New York State Council on the Arts

Kerri Culhane
Chinese Style: Architecture and Identity in New York’s Chinatown 

Joel Sanders
Stalled!: Gender-Neutral Bathroom Prototype

Chat Travieso
Yes Loitering

Jennifer Birkeland and Jonathan A. Scelsa
The Gowanus Roof-scape

Richard W. Hayes
Housing New York: The Recent Past

Nahyun Hwang
Excise City

Jenna M. McKnight
Brick by Brick: The Extraordinary Life and Work of Diébédo Francis Kéré

Barbara Prete
Building Westbeth: A Home for the Arts

Lydia Kallipoliti
Closed Worlds

Arianne Kouri
1959 Soviet Show in New York

Aleksandr Mergold
Sural Atlas of Central New York

Christopher Rawlins
Bachelor Pad: An Illustrated History

Phyllis Ross
The Design Works of Bedford Stuyvesant

Jin Young Song
Z-E-A-F (Zero Energy Adaptive Façade)

Ife Vanable
Working the Middle – A Revival

Marie Warsh
Design Play and Preservation in Central Park

Susannah Drake
Mapping Urban Flow

Devin Lafo
Brownsville Student Farm Pavilion

Jesse LeCavalier and Angie Co
Public Facility

John Rhett Russo
Soundscape – Architectural Acoustic Ceramics

Matthew Donham and Rebecca Hill
Above Water

Christopher Payne
North Brother Island

Karen Kubey
Suburban Alternatives

John Gendall
New York as Religious Landscape

Carol Clark
Reinventing Neighborhood Preservation

Susannah Drake
The Ecology of Waterfront Architecture

Kian Goh

Alfred Zollinger
Tolerance in Architectural Production

Terri Chiao and Deborah Grossberg Katz
An Alternate Housing Strategy

Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore

Adrienne Cortez
NYC Uncapped 

Margaret Morton
Cities of the Dead: The Ancestral Cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan

Mark Rakatansky
How to Read a Building

Susannah Drake
Reconnection Strategies

Julie Farris
Urban Meadow Bklyn

Bradley Samuels
Mapping Frontiers: The Expanding U.S. Border

Harry Allen
Architecture and Design in Quake III Arena

Pierre de Looz and Corey Hoelker
Housing the City

Phyllis Ross
The Designs of Gilbert Rohde, 1894-1944

Nina Edwards
Roof Shelter for Red Hook, Brooklyn

Jorge Other-Pailos
Rearguard Modernism

Christopher Payne
Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Rosemary Suh and Shawn Watts
Sebago Canoe Club

Karen Fairbanks
New Media and the Design of Learning Environments

James Russell
Building Livable American Places in the 21st Century

Andrew Garn
The Architecture of Incarceration

Christopher Payne
Substations and the Architecture of Electricity

Jesse Reiser
Handbook of Novel Tectonics

Michael Sheridan
Alternative Transformations in Public Housing