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Architecture Research Office

Ana Miljački speaks with Adam Yarinsky, Stephen Cassell, and Kim Yao of Architecture Research Office about professional versus academic research, how adhering to pre-articulated values affects relationships with clients, and the benefits and drawbacks of being generalists.

Audio June 17, 2024

Jeanne Gang

Ana Miljački and Studio Gang founding partner Jeanne Gang discuss architects as the nexus of intersecting issues, advocating on behalf of animals as constituents, and growing one’s own building materials.

Audio May 10, 2024

Colectivo C733

Ana Miljački speaks with members of the Mexico City-based group about the tumultuous nature of collective practice and a shifting paradigm in civic architecture.

Audio March 11, 2024

Future Firm

Ana Miljački speaks with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Chicago-based studio Future Firm about expanding the role of the architect, absorbing risk, and how to respond when asked to do magic.

Audio February 12, 2024

Annabelle Selldorf

In the Season 3 premiere, Ana Miljački speaks with Annabelle Selldorf about how falling in love with projects can result in heartbreak, what it means to transcend style, and the limitations of typological experience.

Audio January 16, 2024

Nina Cooke John

Ana Miljački and Nina Cooke John discuss feedback loops in the design process, slowness, how institutions engage with communities, and seeing oneself in a monument.

Audio November 10, 2023

Claire Weisz

Ana Miljački speaks with Claire Weisz, cofounder of WXY, on structural flexibility as an office, sharing ethical burdens with clients, and advocating on behalf of built and material histories.

Audio October 23, 2023

Andrés Jaque

Ana talks with Andrés Jaque of the Office for Political Innovation about what it means to be an architectural dissident, the status of formal decisions in his work, and why listening is an important tool for architects.

Audio September 21, 2023

Chandra Robinson of Lever Architecture

In this episode, Ana hosts Chandra Robinson of Lever Architecture. They discuss ways to support smaller-scale builders, the importance of proximity in sourcing materials, and balancing innovation with the immediate needs of community and client, among other topics.

Audio June 8, 2023


In this episode, Ana Miljački speaks with Troy Schaum and Rosalyne Shieh of SCHAUM/SHIEH about matching a client’s ambition with economic feasibility, the privilege of being able to refuse work, the space that emerges out of energetic conflict, and the power of doing nothing.

Audio May 11, 2023