League Prize winner

Liz Gálvez of Office e.g.

Office e.g. | A Scattered Showroom, Ann Arbor, MI, 2019. In collaboration with Abby Stock, Michael Ferguson, and Valeria De Jongh. Funding courtesy of Kohler Co., NIBCO, and The Taubman College of Architecture and Planning. Image courtesy Liz Gálvez

The League Prize is an annual competition that has been organized by The Architectural League since 1981. Open to designers ten years or less out of school, it draws entrants from around North America.

Liz Gálvez of Office e.g. won a 2021 award.

Liz Gálvez founded Houston-based Office e.g. in 2018. As described in her League Prize entry, her work “focuses on the interface between architecture, theory, and environmentalism through an examination of building technologies.” 

Recent projects include:

  • An (Im)material Space, a material research project focused on bricks made of elements including soy wax, river gravel, lavender essential oil, and aquamarine dye chunks. After being baked and molded, the bricks were transported and aggregated to create an installation for Space p11 in Chicago. 
  • Cooked Air: 3 Spec-ulative Kitchens and their Exhalate, an examination of kitchen ventilation and related processes exploring the spatial relationships between implements and appliances that instrumentalize air movement and shape human interaction within the kitchen. 
  • A Scattered Showroom, part of Things Around Us, the 2018–19 Fellows exhibition at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College. The project “spec-ulates” on contemporary bathroom fixtures and plumbing infrastructures, exposing the technics tucked within the cavity and enclosure of the stud wall. 

Gálvez received an MArch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a concentration in history, theory, and criticism of architecture and a bachelor’s degree in architectural studies from Arizona State University. She is a visiting critic at Rice University.

Gálvez held the 2018 William Muschenheim Fellowship at Taubman College of Architecture & Planning, University of Michigan, and received the 2016 Seebacher Prize for the Fine Arts from The American Austrian Foundation. She is the winner of the Rice Design Alliance Houston Design Research Grant 2021.

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