Design Study

stpmj designs a Little Free Library

An open-source design for Little Free Library/NYC

Design Team: stpmj
Community PartnerFourth Arts Block

The Little Free Library is an opportunity to engage diverse demographic groups and ages while creating a small place to share books, interests and ideas instantly throughout the city. We are interested in investigating an extremely light intervention for the Little Free Library that focuses on its ability to move and change location. Imagining a volume that could be split and be transported easily, maximum accessibility and adaptability to engage with residual urban infrastructure, light poles, street signages, metro or bus stations, benches and trees, will be explored. From Wall Street to Harlem, the proposal will seek to provide equal access to all while adding new diverse micro communities to the metropolitan city.

Seung Teak Lee and Mi Jung Lim founded stpmj in 2009. stpmj’s work ranges from “small installations to urban strategies, tangible practices and utopian ideas with the theme of provocative realism.” Lee and Lim hold Masters degrees in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.