Design Study

Stereotank designs a Little Free Library

An open-source design for Little Free Library/NYC

Design Team: Stereotank
Community Partner: St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School and The They Co.

It’s been often said that books are threatened by digital books, whereas physical books keep in their materiality the advantage of being power free (other than the embedded energy from their production).

We like thinking of the presence of the book in the urban scenario and dynamics as a place-maker, a spot to stop and take the time to browse.

Envisioning the book ‘container’ as a micro inhabitable bookshelf. Built with repurposed materials and objects.

Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, trained as architects and founders of Stereotank, hold Master degrees from Columbia University and have participated and been awarded in urban art programs and festivals such as the Kobe Biennale in Japan, ZooArt in Italy and Summer Streets in NYC. Stereotank focuses on the investigation, design and creation of inhabitable / operable installations and music machines for public creative engagement by repurposing and recycling existing resources.