Matter Practice designs a Little Free Library

An open-source design for Little Free Library/NYC

Design Team: Matter Practice
Community Partner: New York University 

The public lending library is a repository of knowledge made available to anyone; arguably the concept cannot be separated from the ideals of democratic society. It allows all of us to travel light, keeping what we’ve learned in our heads, yet leaving the tools to be shared with others. The city fosters the chance encounter, unexpected intimacy between strangers, the moment of finding slowness within a place of great speed, an anonymous inheritance, a gift for one unknown.

Our little library for New York would aspire to package these possibilities.

Matter Practice was co-founded in 2002 by Sandra Wheeler and Alfred Zollinger. MATTER’s work encompasses exhibition design, installations, furnishings, and proposals for civic engagement within the public environment. Zollinger is also Director of The Design Workshop, the design/build program at Parsons The New School for Design.