Folly/Function 2019: Frequently asked questions

This page will continue to be updated throughout the duration of the call for proposals. Please check back periodically for updated information.


Should the kiosk be an enclosed structure, or can some parts of the kiosk be open?

As long as the interior of the kiosk is protected from rain so that staff and storage are entirely dry and safe, the kiosk doesn’t need to be fully enclosed.

Can the kiosk structure be expandable?

Absolutely. As long as the requirements are met and the structure weights less than 2000 lb., the kiosk’s dimensions may vary.

Can students be part of a larger team?

Yes. Students cannot be primary applicants, but can be team members involved in the project and working on site.

Who should have access to the storage and exterior display?

Interior storage should be lockable and accessed only by Park staff. Exterior display with printed brochure materials should be accessible to the general public at all times, including when the kiosk is closed or not staffed.

Will the kiosk be outdoors in all weather? Will it be stored in the winter?

The kiosk must be able to withstand being outside throughout the spring/summer/fall seasons. Depending on the design, Socrates is prepared to easily transport and store the kiosk during winter months. We encourage entrants to consider winter wear.

Are there material restrictions for the kiosk?

Other than its functionality, durability, budgeting, and safety, there are no material restrictions.

Who owns the rights to the winner’s design?

The designers retain the copyrights of their design. SSP reserves the right to reproduce images of the design and produced kiosk for its own use.

Can teams apply?

Yes. Teams may apply. Please note that regardless of the number of team members, there is only a single production grant of $12,000.

Can non-New York residents apply? Can non-US citizens apply?

The competition is open to all architects and designers.

Are travel funds provided to recipients from outside of the New York area?

There are no funds available for travel or accommodations. Recipients who reside outside of the New York metro area will be expected to provide their own travel and accommodations for the two-month residency.

Can I submit more than one proposal?

No. Individuals may only submit one proposal, either alone or as part of a team.

Is there additional funding?

Neither Socrates Sculpture Park nor The Architectural League provides additional funding.

What are the expectations and limitations for the proposals?

We are interested in many types of “functional follies” and design practices, which can include prefabrication, entire fabrication on site, or a combination of the two.

For how long will the winning entry be used?

We hope the anticipated life span of the kiosk will be 4 years.

How movable should the kiosk be?

The intent is for the kiosk to be stable enough to resist adverse weather conditions without having foundations or tethering. The kiosk must be capable of being forklifted into place or lifted with a boom truck, with a 2000 lb. weight limit. The kiosk might be moved according to the Park’s needs on a seasonal basis.

How many hours should the winner expect to invest in assembling the structure?

It varies from year to year. Winners often complete some pre-fabricated work offsite before bringing structures to the site, but it entirely depends on the scope of your project and its complexity.

Does the fabrication process have a time limit?

The winning entry will be announced in late February and the structures will be unveiled in early June, so the winner will have just over two months to complete the structure.

Socrates Sculpture Park

What assistance does Socrates provide?

Socrates Sculpture Park’s studio manager will work with the winner to fully understand the demands and challenges of the seating construction timeline, maintenance, and durability. It is up to the winner to secure materials, labor, construction, and other logistics, all within the allocated funding.

What are the Studio facilities?

The Socrates studio is a completely outdoor space, open to the view of the public. There is a small private space for meetings and laptop use. Some storage space is provided. There is electrical and water access. The Socrates Studios are shared spaces among Folly/Function winners, 15 artist residents, Socrates installation and grounds crew, and education workshop staff.

What tools and equipment does Socrates provide?

The studio has many tools on site (such as welding and woodshop equipment) and Socrates staff will orient and train the winner on the best use of the studio and its tools during any on-site fabrication and installation. Please click here to download a complete list of available equipment.

How safe must the folly be?

The kiosk must be able to withstand the wear and tear of extreme weather exposure (heavy rain and extreme heat) and heavy public interaction. Socrates staff will work closely with the winning applicant to make any necessary structural modifications, suggestions, or additions.

For safety reasons, we will not select any proposal that enables the public to climb to unsafe heights, access hidden or enclosed spaces, or encounter sharp or otherwise hazardous protrusions. Socrates staff will require design modifications to any questionable design feature that poses a potential hazard to the general public.

How many people can I have working on the site?

As many as needed. We encourage winners to have as many helpers as desired.

Is there parking near the site?

Yes, there is street parking along Vernon Boulevard.

Can I have materials delivered to the site?

Yes, deliveries will be received during regular Socrates office hours, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We ask winners to please be available on site for any larger material deliveries, such as lumber or masonry, as Socrates staff will not be able to negotiate the placement of these deliveries without the architects.

Does Socrates have any building materials that could be used to create the new structure?

Socrates has a stock of previously used materials that Folly/Function designers are welcome to use. However, this stock is limited. Some overstock hardware is also available.

How late may I work onsite?

The park is open from 9 a.m. until sunset every day. Folly winners may work in the studio throughout that time, and special arrangements can be discussed if additional time is needed.

I noticed Socrates has the Emerging Artist Fellowship in the late spring/summer. Will I work with the other artists in residence?

Studio facilities are an open, shared work space. The 2018 Emerging Artist Fellowship (EAF19) will overlap with the Folly/Function Program and up to 15 artists-in-residence may be working in the studio during the Folly/Function residency. Facilities will be shared between all of the artists.

Can I alter my design if I win the competition?

After winning the competition, the winners will work closely with Socrates Sculpture Park’s staff and site managers to understand the demands of the winning proposal and discuss possible issues with construction, materials, schedules, and siting that may affect the final design.


The Architectural League of New York

What support does The Architectural League provide?

The Architectural League oversees the juried competition. However, after the selection process, Socrates Sculpture Park takes over responsibility for working with the winners.

Will The Architectural League publicize the Folly/Function winner?

Yes, the League will publicize and produce related content of the project online and will compose a post-installation text, which may include an interview.

Will the jury select runners-up?

Yes, the jury will select finalists and notable entries to include with online material.