Appalachia Rising

Nina Chase imagines a "wild and wonderful" land-based future for West Virginia.


Agent Orange in A Luoi Valley

Ylan Vo visits A Luoi Valley to understand the long-term impacts of the United States Army's use of Agent Orange in the region during the Vietnam War.


Cities of the dead

Margaret Morton reveals the architecturally and culturally distinctive ancestral cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan.


Temporary landscape and the urban meadow

Julie Farris details two temporary landscape installations on vacant lots that she created in Red Hook, Brooklyn, one of which became a permanent garden and community space.


Michael Graves

Michael Graves, an architect and painter, explores architectonic principles and the symbolic meanings of architectural elements, such as doors and windows, in his work.


Richard Meier

Richard Meier considers the duality of public and private space, evident in his dramatic drawings that articulate types of enclosure.


John Hejduk

John Hejduk's (1929-2000) highly theoretical work is demonstrated in his isometric projection drawings that deal with the organization of shape and volume.