Capturing Change: Freshkills Park

An exhibition documenting the world's largest landfill-to-park project.

October 24, 2018—January 25, 2019

Urban Omnibus presents Capturing Change: Freshkills Park, an exhibition of photographs documenting the evolution of Staten Island’s Freshkills Park, the world’s largest landfill-to-park project. Produced by photographers participating in tours led by Freshkills Park staff, the images depict the transformation of the site from a 2,200-acre landfill into a unique urban ecosystem of carefully engineered rolling hills. The exhibition presents a selection of landscape and infrastructure photographs published by Urban Omnibus between 2014 and 2018, alongside new portraits depicting the people working to better understand the site. Documentation of the park’s master plan, designed by Field Operations, accompanies the photos, revealing the design process guiding the site’s restoration and reinvention as a site for recreation.

The exhibition coincides with the upcoming publication of a new text on Urban Omnibus by Dani Alexander, winner of the Urban Wild Writer Residency.

Capturing Change: Freshkills Park features the work of Cameron Blaylock, Andrea Callard, Kathryn Carse, Jo Cavallo, Michael Falco, Charles Giraudet, Nadège Giraudet, Stephen Mallon, Michael McWeeney, Imara Moore, Sean Sweeney, Kipp Wettstein, and Dmitry Zbarsky.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Freshkills Park Development Team.


Top image: Michael Falco’s pinhole camera uses a long exposure, 4X5 sheet film, and no lens or mirror, producing a soft-focus photograph. Here, the small-rock gravel that forms the drainage layer can be seen in the foreground. | Photo by Michael Falco courtesy of the City of New York: NYC Parks, Freshkills Park, and the Department of Sanitation.