Towards a New Architecture

Past Events

December 10, 2019

David Benjamin: Architecture as open system

Buildings should not be considered static and permanent objects, but instead dynamic and continually transforming systems, the design of which demands collaborative teams and open protocols.

Towards a New Architecture

November 26, 2019

Alan Organschi: Building a global carbon sink

Large-scale engineered wood products present the possibility of turning dense urban aggregations of buildings and infrastructure into a new human-made carbon sink.

Towards a New Architecture

November 12, 2019

Kiel Moe: Climate change, architecture change

Addressing the environmental, social and political quandaries of this century will require changing basic theoretical and practical assumptions about what architecture design is and does.

Towards a New Architecture

October 22, 2019

Kate Orff: Unmaking the landscape

Moving forward in a time of increasing climate shocks and stressors demands that designing the social be paired with new forms of architectural expression, including the difficult and creative act of un-making.

Towards a New Architecture