Panel Discussion: Social Distance, Health, and Inclusive Public Space

MIXdesign team members discuss how the inclusive design think-tank and consultancy is considering the spatial implications of COVID-19.

July 29, 2020
1:00 p.m.

MIXdesign team members Joel Sanders, Magda Mostafa, Hansel Bauman, and Quemuel Arroyo will discuss how the inclusive design think tank and consultancy is considering the spatial implications of COVID-19 through the lens of “non-compliant bodies” as a natural extension of their mission to make public spaces safe and accessible for all people regardless of age, race, gender, religion, and ability. MIXdesign employs a cross-disciplinary approach that draws from the input of experts representing public health, humanities, and design. Their objective: the creation of innovative post-pandemic spaces that accommodate all bodies in ways that support social equity, health, and well-being. 

The roundtable will be moderated by Marc Tsurumaki, principal of LTL Architects. Marc and his partners are carrying out research and visualizations on the spatial implications of evolving scientific knowledge on transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Joel Sanders is Principal of his New York studio JSA/MIXdesign as well as Director of Post-Professional Studies and Professor at Yale School of Architecture. Sanders’ career has explored the complex relationship between culture and social space as a scholar pioneering the exploration of LGBTQ space, a designer of residential, museum and academic buildings, and an activist fighting to address issues of equity and inclusion through design. 

Magda Mostafa is the author of the Autism ASPECTSS™ Design Index, the first research-based design framework for autism worldwide. Through her practice, Progressive Architects, Mostafa has used ASPECTSS™ to design projects in a range of scales, from interior classroom retrofits to urban-scale neighborhoods in Europe, the US, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the UAE. 

Hansel Bauman is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of Deaf Architecture. Before working with MIXdesign, he served for ten years as the campus architect, adjunct faculty at Gallaudet University where co-founded the DeafSpace Project – a user-driven research and design initiative to codify architectural design elements attuned to deaf experiences. 

Quemuel Arroyo is the Interim President and Global Head of Community at Charge, an e-scooter charging and docking company. Previously, Arroyo served as the Chief Accessibility Specialist at the New York City Department of Transportation. Most recently, he was appointed by the Mayor to serve on the Surface Transportation Committee to help plan for the reopening of NYC streets post Covid-19.


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