Emerging Voices lectures: Ants of the Prairie & Rael San Fratello

Ants of the Prairie and Rael San Fratello

March 13, 2014
7:00 p.m.

(l) Ants of the Praire, Bat Tower; (r) Rael San Fratello, Mud Box

Emerging Voices
Ants of the Prairie; Rael San Fratello
Joyce Hwang; Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello
Moderated by Fred Bernstein

1.5 AIA and New York State CEUs

The second evening of the annual Emerging Voices lecture series, featuring Ants of the Prairie and Rael San Fratello. Emerging Voices spotlights individuals and firms based in the United States, Canada, or Mexico with distinct design voices and the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape design, and urbanism.

Founded in 2004, Joyce Hwang’s Buffalo-based firm Ants of the Prairie, is an arts and research practice “dedicated to developing creative approaches in confronting the pleasures and horrors of our contemporary ecologies.” For more on Ants of the Prairie, click here.

The Oakland firm Rael San Fratello, founded in 2002 by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, shies away from working within a set philosophy, trying rather “not to define, but rather to constantly redefine ourselves” with work that “tr[ies] to do the most with the least.” For more on Rael San Fratello, click here.

Moderator Fred Bernstein is an architecture critic and writer based in New York City. He served on this year’s Emerging Voices committee.


Emerging Voices is generously supported by Maharam. The Emerging Voices program is also supported by the Next Generation Fund of The Architectural League. For a listing of contributions to the Next Generation Fund, please click here.