Beaux Arts Ball 2015: Threshold

A benefit for the programs of The Architectural League of New York

September 18, 2015
10:00 p.m.

You’re Invited

Gather on Friday, September 18, for Threshold, the 2015 Architectural League Beaux Arts Ball at the Knockdown Center, a former doorframe factory turned artist/performance space in Queens. This year’s theme, Threshold, celebrates the building’s specific industrial history, while nodding to the Ball as a kick-off to the cultural year, not only for The Architectural League, but for the entire New York design community. Inside the restored factory’s 50,000 square foot, 40-foot high spaces, the design teams of Alibi Studio, MODU, and Moorhead & Moorhead will create site-specific “threshold” installations.

Vishaan Chakrabarti and Maria Alataris

Beaux Arts Ball Event Committee
Sarah Berman, Jared Della Valle, Alexander P. Lamis, Nadia Meratla, Nat Oppenheimer, Elisa Orlanski Ours, Bradley Samuels, Dan Shannon, and Billie Tsien

Beaux Arts Ball Benefit Committee
The Architectural League gratefully thanks its supporters. For a full list of this year’s Benefit Committee click here.

Event Organization
Nicholas Anderson

The League gratefully acknowledges the sponsors of the 2015 Beaux Arts Ball


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