Engagement & Practice

Environmental degradation may be seen as an accumulation of unintended consequences. In an effort to relink the effects of climate change to the decisions that cause it, democratic citizenship is explored both within, and outside of, the confines of professional practice. In nurturing deeper civic engagement, the limits of architectural agency are questioned and redefined.

Citizenship and Governance for a Five Thousand Pound Life

As part of our curated digital series, Dayna Cunningham draws from innovative examples from across the United States and argues that progressive social movements must gain wider currency and affect environmental change by viewing issues of employment, crime, and health as ecological concerns.

January 27, 2014

The civic entrepreneur

Rory Hyde questions Indy Johar, a London-based architect and co-founder of 00:/, on the changing nature of architectural practice and the democratic structure of placemaking.

February 10, 2014