The Five Thousand Pound Life: The Energy Issue was a symposium on energy and architecture organized by The Architectural League and the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP). On May 10, 2014, architects led discussions on the energy issue with the investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, policy experts, journalists, and filmmakers closest to the power of energy.

Opening Remarks

In his keynote address, Jeremy Leggett addresses the systemic risk that climate change poses to energy markets.

The Energy Issues Panel

A diverse group of architects and academics along with a filmmaker and a journalist each present an idea on energy through his or her particular lens. Each short presentation invited response and conversation from the panel, allowing the themes of economics and investment, engagement and practice, design and technology, and communication and ethics, to emerge through the issue of energy.

Ed Crooks on incentivizing energy alternatives

Financial Times Journalist Ed Crooks uses hard data to stress the realities of our dependence on oil. The world consumes 90 million barrels of oil each day while only 13% of our energy comes from renewable sources.

May 10, 2014

Energy Policy and the Economic Risks of Climate Change

The Energy Entrepreneurship Panel

The final panel focused on two start-ups, The Megawatt Hour and Radiator Labs, and their innovation in the energy sector.

The Energy Issue Closing Panel

The Energy Issue’s closing conversation touches on the need for increased social consciousness regarding climate issues and the dominating role of capitalism and corporations in the narrative on energy use.

May 10, 2014