Emerging Voices winner profile

Atelier TAG

Atelier TAG | Bibliothèque Raymond-Lévesque main facade, Saint-Hubert, Canada, 2013. Credit: Marc Cramer

The Architectural League’s annual Emerging Voices program spotlights North American architects, landscape architects, and urban designers who have significant bodies of realized work and the potential to influence their field.

Atelier TAG won a 2012 award.

Atelier TAG is an architecture and research partnership founded in 1997 by Manon Asselin and Katsuhiro Yamazaki in Montreal.

Since its inception the studio works, through the careful study of sociocultural contexts within which a given program operates, to reinterpret the civic function of architecture in order to create meaningful spaces. TAG’s growing body of work has allowed it to develop a design methodology focused on building technique and materiality. The work of the studio is a quest for simplicity, where the built space, through the calculated play of light and materiality, embodies the physical, the cultural and the poetics of architecture.

Atelier TAG’s work is renown for the quality of its integration of architecture and landscape, and for the clarity and rigor of its architectural planning. The exceptional quality of its architectural production has been celebrated with several awards, including two Canadian Governor General’s Medals in 2006 and the prestigious Prix de Rome in 2008. Through its participation in architectural competitions since 1997, and recently at the international level with the publication of its work in Young Architects Americas (2007) and 1000 x Architecture of the Americas (2008) European publications Daab and Braun, TAG has become a significant voice in the architectural discourse in Quebec.