Design & Technology

Our ability to develop new technologies to solve problems has magnified the scale of collective human impact to the point where the current epoch has been dubbed the Anthropocene. Such technological advancement carries with it the possibility of creating new and unforeseen problems while resolving others, making a cyclical, iterative design process fundamental to our pursuit of prosperity.

Love Your Monsters

Bruno Latour, French sociologist of science and anthropologist, adeptly decants the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his creation, separating intention from misinterpretation in Shelley’s classic work.

March 17, 2014

Speculative Science

Dr. Rachel Armstrong is co-director of AVATAR (Advanced Virtual And Technological Architectural Research), specializing in architecture and synthetic biology. She states that efforts to imagine a prosperous future that disarms climate change shouldn’t be relegated to a marginal sustainability sector—they should transform established fields and forge connections between them in intelligent new ways.

February 24, 2014