The Deborah J. Norden Fund

A travel fund for students and recent graduates in the fields of architecture, architectural history, and urban studies

2013 Norden Fund grantees Alice Colverd and Alexander McLean visited fish markets in Japan for Tokyo’s Pantry: Tsukiji and the Commodification of Market Culture
2000 Norden Fund grantee Ronald Rael traveled to Yemen for Wadi Hadramut: Cities of Earth

About the Norden Fund

The Deborah J. Norden Fund, established in 1995 in memory of architect and arts administrator Deborah Norden, awards a total of up to $5,000 annually in travel/study grants for research projects proposed by passionate and curious students of architecture, architectural history, and urban studies. The Norden Fund has enabled more than twenty-five fascinating independent projects that have explored topics and locales around the world—slum redevelopment programs in Mumbai, India; the social impact of new architecture and planning interventions in Medellín, Colombia; the insertion of built form into fragile ecosystems in Australia; and the stereotomy of complex surfaces in French Baroque architecture, among many others.

The Architectural League thanks the following for their generous contributions to The Deborah J. Norden Fund

Nan and Bruce Alexander
Earle and Linda Altman
Lola and Ed Backman
Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey, Jr.
Mary Lee Baranger
Sara Barclay
Ted Bartlett
Al Berr
Marvin Blaustein
Ruth Block
Gigi Bolt
Charles and Susanna Boxenbaum
Hillary Brown
Barbara Campagna
David and Shirley Chernow
Susan Chin and Charles McKinney
David and Angelina Clark
Bruce and Wilma Classon
Barry Cohen
William and Gertie Colbert
Joel and Kathryn Curtis
Jackie Day
Mary DeMelim
Michael de Pierro
Robert and Phyllis Dillon
William A. Doebele
Albert and Gert Doernberg
Ronald Christ and Dennis Dollens
Andrew Dolkart
William and Nancy Dubey
Ruth Durack
Leonard and Charlotte Dutka
Linda Earle
Alan and Ursula Ettlinger
Beth Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Leo Feld
Bob and Rena Fellow
Paula Fontenla
Sandra Forster
Felice and Ken Frankel
Ray L. Freeman
Kate French
Carole Fudin
Judy Gartman
Ronnie Geist and Margot Lewitin
Rosalie Genevro
Jon and Bella Goin
Arthur and Ruth Graham
Maxine Griffith
Herbert Hain
Cindy Harden
Irving and Gilda Harrison
Tom Hatley
Laurie Hawkinson
Michael and Debbie Haydock
Mary Hays
Ruth Heiman
Jakob Heller
Isabel Hill
Stephen Horn and Kevan Moss
Ruth W. Houghton
John and Linda James
William and Meredith Johnston
Steven Jones
Matthew and Betsy Joyner
Will Joyner
William and Jane Joyner
John and Marion Kantor
Phyllis Kaplan
Lisa Kay
Robert Kinney and Jane Lawrence
Lise Korson and Robert Baron
Barbara Knecht
Helen Kolb
Leon Krier
Teresa Lewis
Theodore and Olga Lownie
Barry Magid
Kathleen J. Masterson
David McAlpin
Christopher and Hanna McAninch
Brian McDonald
Mark McDoyle and Anne Linden
Deborah McManus
Christine McNeely
Lottie Meir
Eric and Ursula Meyer
Marion Meyer-Brody
Walter Mielziner
Irwin Miller
Jeffrey and Mara Jayne Miller
Edward T. Mohylowski
Dr. and Mrs. I. Slaydon Myers
Clemens Nathan
Otto and Marguerite Nelson
Linda Norden
Dr. Peter and Ruth Norden
Sharon O’Brien
Hannah O’Grady
Marilyn Oser
Nancy Owens
Pauline Badham Pinto
Marguerita Putnam
Leonard Reed
Else Regensteiner
James Q. Riordan
Mark Robbins
John Robins
Albert and Barbara Rosenthal
Cass and Ingrid Roth
Judith Rubin
Peter and Kathleen Scaturro
Linda Schneekloth
Leon and Adrienne Schwartz
Richard Schwartz
Laura Seligman
Tabita Shalem
Bella Shalom
Anastasia Shartin
Gerald and Sondra Sheine
Judith Sheine
Frederick and Katherine Sheppard
David Shields
Eric Siegel and Susan Logan
Helga Singako
Alan and Eleanor Singer
James L. and Patricia D. Smalfelt
Mark Sokol
Susan Spencer Crowe
Carl Stearns and Randall Crawford
Amy Stein
Yitzhak Heinrich Steiner
Noriko Tabata and Joseph Lengeling
Robert Tembeckjian
Anna Ternbach
William and Dona Therrien
Ellen Thurston
Albert and Esther Tietz
Jane Timken
Paul and Susan Tunick
Anne Van Ingen
Taysen Van Itallie and Jane Scott
Allan and Marjorie Weingold
Barbara Weiss
Tatiana Werbizky
Barbara Willensky
Tod Williams and Billie Tsien
Samuel and Karen Winer
Hugh and Barbara Witemeyer
Barbara Wright
Peter Wright
Norma Yaffe
Takayuki Yamazaki
Mildred Zimmerman