The Architectural League’s annual Emerging Voices award spotlights North American individuals and firms with distinct design voices that have the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. The jury reviews significant bodies of realized work and considers accomplishments within design and academia.

The work of each Emerging Voice represents the best of its kind and addresses larger issues within architecture, landscape, and the built environment.

The 2003 Emerging Voices are:

  • Brininstool + Lynch, Chicago
  • Frank Harmon Architect, Raleigh, NC
  • Margie Ruddick Landscape, Philadelphia
  • Office dA, Boston
  • Office of Mobile Design, Los Angeles
  • Peter Lynch, Michigan

More from past Emerging Voices

S-AR lecture

Mexican design firm S-AR presents its work as part of the 2016 Emerging Voices event series.