Vrtical: Significance of the project & the tale

One of six installations for the digital exhibition by winners of the 2020 League Prize.

Grounded in the necessity of describing spaces and the impossibility of creating a physical exhibition where drawings, models, and photographs would do the job, we decided that the best way to express the joy our projects have brought us is through a series of stories.

Conceived as five videos, each both a tale and a project, this exhibition attempts to express the universe of experiences that occur throughout the lifespan of a design, considering that not only contexts, clients, and budgets change from project to project, but also methodologies, personal tastes, and circumstances surrounding the designers’ lives at the moment of creation.

We feel that it’s easier to communicate a feeling or atmosphere by means of audio, which forces the audience to imagine the space the characters inhabit. At the end of each tale, we will give you just one image. This leaves room for you to build the rest of the architecture in your own mind.

Each narrative explores a single project: a temple, conceived as a threshold, in the semi-dry climate of rural Guanajuato; an artisans’ market that uses local pine wood to magnify light; a sculptor’s haven, hiding traces of her love for objects in raw space; a modernist restoration, at once sensitive and ambitious, for contemporary urban use. Each project as different as can be, a tale of its own—but all illustrating the values we hold dear and the profession we cherish.

The installation is presented in Spanish, followed by an English-language version.

English-language version


Texts: Luis Beltrán del Río & Andrew Sosa

Editing: Raquel Rivas/Temple, Casa Pallares, Market & Melchor Ocampo
Suleman Anaya/Value

Translations: Quentin Pope

Readings: Spanish: Luis Beltrán del Río & Andrew Sosa
English: Andrea Camargo

Photographs: Rafael Gamo/Market/Melchor Ocampo/Casa Pallares
Luis Beltrán del Río/Temple/Vrtical Studio

Animation: Ylan Derech