Information Session with the Hire Ukrainian Designers Initiative

An information session describing the process of hiring designers affected by the war in Ukraine.

May 16, 2022

Recorded on May 13, 2022.

In this online information session, the initiative’s organizers, firm principals, and Ukrainian designers guide participants through an overview of each step of the hiring process.

Led by a team of Boston- and Romania-based architects and designers, Hire Ukrainian Designers is an initiative helping Ukrainian design professionals in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, and visualization find work opportunities with US firms—a critical and urgent lifeline for those whose livelihood has been jeopardized by war.

The project is based on the success of a grassroots initiative organized by the Houston, Texas, office of the international firm SWA, whose team has successfully matched over 40 Ukrainian design professionals with US-based design firms since March.

Volunteers from the initiative provide candidate introductions, as well as pre-screening, skill set vetting, contract templates, and help with remote work troubleshooting and language barriers.

The presenters:
Kinder Baumgardner, SWA Group;
Hanna Kulvanovska, SWA Group;
Alina Nazmeeva, co-initiator of Hire Ukrainian Designers;
Alina Plyusnina, SWA Group;
Angelina Stelmakh, co-initiator of Hire Ukrainian Designers;
Doug Suisman, Suisman Urban Design;
John Wagner, co-initiator of Hire Ukrainian Designers.


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