A Room with a View

Natalia Garcia photographs her home and its surroundings while sheltering in place.

Shifting Ground was an open call for visual reports about how the events of 2020 and 2021 reconfigured our relationship with both public and private space. Select entries were posted on the League’s Instagram account.

Natalia Garcia documented her life during lockdown in early 2020.

She wrote:

It is shocking how day-to-day reality often seems uninteresting. I’ve been living in the same apartment in Mexico City for 15 years with a camera at hand, and I never once considered photographing either the interior or the views from the windows. Being forced to stay in between March and June made me notice how interesting both universes—in and out—really are. In this difficult situation I found comfort in my camera, shooting over 500 pictures. In the inner universe, I discovered how beautifully the afternoon light hits random objects in the kitchen. Outside, I found it reassuring to listen to the prayers of the Orthodox Jewish community that used the balconies, twice a day, as a new sacred space.



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