Architects Declare Coordinator

On behalf of US Architects Declare, which works at the intersection of climate change, biodiversity, and justice in architecture, The Architectural League seeks to hire a part-time Architects Declare coordinator, to begin work in October 2022. The coordinator will act as support staff to the US Architects Declare steering committee and network. The coordinator will work remotely; no specific geographic location is required.

The goal of the coordinator’s work is to maximize the impact of US Architects Declare by providing logistical support to the volunteer organization of architects and organizational partners that comprise the Architects Declare network. US Architects Declare hopes to significantly increase its number of signatories and its activities over the course the coming year. Typical tasks for the coordinator will include helping set the agenda for steering committee and subcommittee meetings, as well as scheduling and documenting the meetings; supporting projects as they are defined and executed, which may include identifying and working with policy partners to advocate for change in local and national agendas, or shaping and presenting educational programs to build knowledge among US Architects Declare signatories and other audiences, or other activities; and organizing, creating, and monitoring press contacts and social media.

For more information and to apply, please click here.