American Roundtable Theme


Dam removal on the Mahoning River, Ohio. Credit: Photograph by Quilian Riano, courtesy of the In the Mahoning Valley editorial team.

To promote comparison and synthesis across reports, American Roundtable is organized around five broad themes: Public Space, Health, Work and Economy, Infrastructure, and Environment. Editors of each report were given wide latitude to interpret each theme. Collected below are features that address topics and issues related to Infrastructure.

Organizing for Infrastructure

Martha Sanchez offers insight into community organizing around infrastructure needs.

Brownsville, Texas

Interview March 30, 2021

Without Water, There Is No Growth | Cheyenne River

Lacy Maher from the Mni Wašté Water Company explains how a decade-long water shortage hindered economic growth and stopped housing development.

Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota

Interview March 16, 2021

Infrastructures of a Dynamic Landscape

Cory Mattheis and Robert Hutchison analyze the systems used to monitor, adapt to, and shelter from South Beach’s environment.

South Beach, Washington

Article February 16, 2021

Two Rumfords

Media artists Steve Norton & N.B.Aldrich capture the relationship of the River Valley’s infrastructure and environment.

River Valley, Maine

Article January 20, 2021