Independent Projects Grants

2024 Independent Projects Grants Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be regularly updated during the application period. As you are preparing your submission, please check back frequently for the latest information.

I primarily live outside New York State, but I work or keep a secondary residence here. Am I eligible for this program?
No. When applying, you must be able to demonstrate that your primary residence is in New York State.

What amount can I request in my proposal?
All successful projects will be awarded $10,000. You must budget at least this amount in expenses. If your budget shows more expenses, you should also indicate where the additional funds will come from.

How many proposals will receive awards?
This program will support 25 proposals with grants of $10,000 each in 2024.

How will my submission be evaluated?
NYSCA and the League will convene a panel of experts from across the design fields to review each submission and select projects for funding.

Which fields/disciplines is this program intended for?
This program serves design fields, including architecture, landscape architecture, biodesign, historic preservation, community-centered design, fashion, graphic, industrial, and interior design. We are available to discuss proposals in fields not listed here to determine if they are well suited to apply.

I am a teacher or current student. Can I apply?
Yes, but your proposal cannot involve coursework or a course curriculum. You must demonstrate that your project is fully independent and is not related to the completion of a degree, for you or for your students. For more information see the section Applicant Eligibility in the 2024 Independent Projects Guidelines.

How do I apply for this grant?
You will apply using the League’s Award Force grant management platform. For instructions, see the Application Walkthrough section of the 2024 Independent Projects Guidelines, starting with Step 1.

What are the character and file limits for my submission?
For the narrative section of the entry form, you are limited to 10,000 typed characters. For uploads, you are limited to certain file types and maximum file sizes depending on the options you select in your application. See the Submission Checklist and Application Walkthrough sections of the 2024 Independent Projects Guidelines for requirements and limits on the content of your uploads.