Thursday, May 23, 2002

Jared Della Valle and Andrew Bernheimer founded their New York City Firm Della Valle + Bernheimer Design in 1996, the same year that they were selected the winners of the first San Francisco Prize in Architecture which resulted in their first commission, the renovation of the Federal Plaza at the US Courthouse in San Francisco. Since then the firm has completed a number of residential renovations in New York City, as well as a loft in Boston, a house in Williamstown and a library renovation for PS 18 in Staten Island, part of a large initiative sponsored by the Robin Hood Foundation and the New York City Board of Education. Della Valle and Bernheimer strive, though their design and use of materials, to recognize "...moments of simultaneity and on breeding unexpectedness through the innovative use of the familiar and the available." Both Della Valle and Bernheimer received their Master of Architecture degrees from Washington University, and were visiting critics in architecture at Lehigh University last Spring.