Terry Surjan

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Terry Surjan received a certificate in Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University. In addition to his Phoenix practice X-ING, PHX/LAX, he is currently teaching at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and Woodbury University, both in Los Angeles. Surjan's work consists primarily of the competition projects and design research. Recent projects awarded research grants include the 50 Year House, and the 51% House, part of Evolutionary Dwellings for the Institute for Studies in the Arts. Both projects, through the use of computer modeling, juxtapose a series of programmatic and spatial reconfigurations of different types of residences through time. Surjan has utilized computer driven production to generate three-dimentional models of his designs. Other work illustrated includes Surjan's ongoing explorations of form through polaroid photography; his documentation of the work and career of Del Webb, the developer of Sun City; and sketchbooks created on material at hand during the countless hours of airline travel between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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