Jeremy Edmiston &
Douglas Gauthier

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Jeremy Edmiston & Douglas Gauthier are principles of the New York firm SYTEMarchitects, founded in 1997. Both currently teach at City College, and both recieved their Masters of Architecture degrees from Columbia University. They each have recieved Fulbright Scholarships, and Gauthier recently recieved a Graham Foundation research grant. Their practice, founded three years ago, has entered a number of design competitions. Among these are the recent competition for a new TKTS pavilion in New York City, and one for refugee housing in Kosovo, for which the firm designed an easily transportable, simple to construct kit of parts to create housing from prefabricated components. Their project was designed to be constructed primarily of Stresskin, an inexpensive panel system which sandwiches a layer of foam between two sheets of corrugated metal decking, to provide insulated and durable housing. Other projects include the System Carrier PROTOtype Sofa, published in a recent issue of Wallpaper* magazine. Currently under cnstruction is the fulcrumSTAIR, an exterior stair for a loft building in the East Village which has multiple uses as a firestair, terrace, and greenhouse roof.

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