Minsuk Cho &
James Slade
Cho Slade Architecture

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Minsuk Cho & James Slade, principles of the New York firm Cho Slade Architecture, recieved their Master of Architecture degrees from Columbia University. Cho was recently a visiting professor at Kyonggi University in Seoul, Korea: Slade teaches at Pratt Institute. One of their first projects, an addition for the vonErlach House, Shelter Island, NY, won a P/A Citation in 1999. Clad in cedar shingles, the addition alternately emphasizes and minimizes the relationship between interior and exterior. First floor views are expansive, linking the interior to the landscape. The second floor rooms have more tightly cropped views to emphasize the separation from nature. The lush natural site in Korea for the Illang House inspired the architects to use landscape and plants to define different areas of the house. The exterior skin varies to provide privacy or exposure. As in the vonErlach House, windows are places to frame or edit the surroundings. Other current and recently completed projects by the firm include a number of residential renovations in New York City, and house additions in Connecticut and Washington.



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