5KL: Four Questions

Each 5KL participant is asked the same four questions on how we think, talk, and act on architecture, climate change, and our economic future.

Sustainable Citizenship

Drawing on ideas explored in her book Eco-Republic, Melissa Lane suggests a new ideal of citizenship, and the role of architects, in a sustainable society.

New Models for Modular Housing

May 9, 2013 | Thomas Gluck, Mimi Hoang, Nicole Robertson, Alex Terzich | Video from a program on modular construction.

The Five Thousand
Pound Life

An introduction to a new initiative of the League that imagines the shift to an economically and ecologically viable American future.

A Conversation with Susana Torre

Susana Torre reflects on the ideas raised by her 1977 exhibition Women in American Architecture, and how the discourse about women in the profession has and has not changed over time.

Success Looks Different Now

A report by Ray Gastil, with Abby Bussel, Paula Deitz, and Rosalie Genevro, about contemporary culture and the important and positive ways in which the role of architecture and design in city building is evolving.


League Executive Director Rosalie Genevro describes the catalyst for Success Looks Different Now and explains the evolution and scope of the study.

In Conversation: Wang Shu, Lu Wenyu, and Toshiko Mori

The three architects and League staff discuss the work of Amateur Architecture Studio and the nature of Wang and Lu’s collaboration.

Roundtable: Deborah Gans, Rosalie Genevro, Brian McGrath, Mark Robbins, Carol Willis

Remembrances from five of the members of the original Vacant Lots organizing committee.

A Conversation with Mark Willis

An interview with the former Deputy Commissioner for Development at NYC Housing Preservation and Development, who was instrumental in organizing Vacant Lots.

The Vacant Lots Study Project

Original material from the Vacant Lots design study publication outlines the historical context, organization and goals of the project.

The Cost of Living

Rosalie Genevro reflects on the economics of affordable housing and how to bridge the gap between the actual cost of providing housing and the ability to pay of people who need it.

Finding Common Ground

A conversation on the highs and lows of the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale

Conversations on New York: Alex Garvin with Rosalie Genevro and Michael Sorkin

June 17, 2010 | Urban designer Alex Garvin discusses two of the most ambitious public planning initiatives of the past decade in New York City.