Revivalism Revived

February 26, 1980 | A panel discussion with Allen Greenberg, Frances Halsband, and Robert A.M. Stern.

Michael Graves: The Portland Building

November 30, 1982 | Presentation of the Portland Building shortly after its completion.

James Stirling: The Monumentally Informal

May 16, 1985 | A lecture on current work, including the Neue Staatsgalerie.

Charles Jencks: Symbolic Architecture

October 22, 1985 | A lecture organized in conjunction with the publication of Jencks’ Towards a Symbolic Architecture.

Charles Moore:
Current Work (1980)

November 4, 1980 | Current Work lecture featuring several projects, including the Tegel Harbor Library and Housing, West Berlin.

Charles Jencks:
Postmodern Classicism

November 17, 1980 | A lecture on the “consensus of postmodern classicism.”

From Bauhaus to Our House

December 1, 1981 | A panel discussion in response to Tom Wolfe’s book, with Peter Blake, Martin Filler, Susana Torre, and moderated by Suzanne Stephens.

Charles Jencks:
Freestyle Classicism

April 5, 1982 | Lecture on “freestyle classicism.”

John Burgee: Is this Postmodern?

April 4, 1983 | Current Work lecture of projects including PPG and the AT&T Building.