In Conversation: Sheila O’Donnell + John Tuomey with Kenneth Frampton

O’Donnell + Tuomey discuss their vision for Irish architecture, creating mobility in static forms, and bringing the rigors of traditional craft to contemporary work.

In Conversation: Marlon Blackwell and Rick Joy

Blackwell and Joy reflect on first meeting 15 years ago, approaches to teaching, and a shared sensitivity to place while “transgressing the vernacular” in their work.

In Conversation: Farshid Moussavi and Elizabeth O’Donnell

Two architects and educators discuss the state of architectural education, the place of research in the discipline, and the contemporary role of the architect.

In Conversation: Yung Ho Chang and Michael Bell

The two architects reflect on their shared personal and professional histories on the occasion of Chang’s 2014 Current Work lecture.

In Conversation: Guy Nordenson and Thomas Phifer

Nordenson and Phifer reflect on several of the projects they have completed together and their conceptual approach to collaborative practice as the continuous development of a shared sensibility.

Kersten Geers and Annabelle Selldorf

A conversation, and lecture video, focusing on the work of OFFICE and its approach to design, representation, and collaboration.

Seung H-Sang and Barry Bergdoll

A conversation between Seung and Bergdoll about the Korean architect’s influences, his interest in emptiness and site, and the public role of architecture today.

A Conversation with Susana Torre

Susana Torre reflects on the ideas raised by her 1977 exhibition Women in American Architecture, and how the discourse about women in the profession has and has not changed over time.

A Conversation with Rick Brooks

The League talks with a co-founder of Little Free Library, LTD about the origins of the idea and how it grew into an international movement.

Conversation: Toshihiro Oki, Jared Diganci, Jen Wood, Jerome Haferd, Brandt Knapp

The League and Socrates sit down with the 2012 and 2013 winners of Folly to talk about tree wood.

In Conversation: Wang Shu, Lu Wenyu, and Toshiko Mori

The three architects and League staff discuss the work of Amateur Architecture Studio and the nature of Wang and Lu’s collaboration.

Sarah Wigglesworth

On the occasion of her 2013 Current Work lecture, Sarah Wigglesworth sits down to discuss her home building project, environmental and social sustainability, and women in architecture.

Mike Taylor

On the occasion of his 2013 Current Work lecture, Mike Taylor of Hopkins Architects sits down to discuss craft, sustainability, and velodromes with Tom Phifer.

A Conversation with Mark Willis

An interview with the former Deputy Commissioner for Development at NYC Housing Preservation and Development, who was instrumental in organizing Vacant Lots.

Conversation: Annabelle Selldorf with Tod Williams and Billie Tsien

Three architects discuss designing for the arts

Francis Kéré and Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut in conversation with Francis Kéré on the occasion of Kéré’s 2012 Current Work lecture.