The Five Thousand Pound Life: Land

A symposium on rethinking land and its value in light of climate change.

The Energy Issues Panel

May 10, 2014 | 5KL: The Energy Issue | A diverse group of architects and academics along with a filmmaker and a journalist each present an idea on energy through his or her particular lens.

The Energy Entrepreneurship Panel

May 10, 2014 | 5KL: The Energy Issue | A panel focused on two start-ups, The Megawatt Hour and Radiator Labs, and their innovation in the energy sector.

Systemic Risk in Energy Markets and the Shift to a New Narrative

May 10, 2014 | 5KL: The Energy Issue | In his keynote address, Jeremy Leggett addresses the systemic risk that climate change poses to energy markets.

Kate Gordon on Energy Policy and the Economic Risks of Climate Change

May 10, 2014 | 5KL: The Energy Issue | Kate Gordon joins Rosalie Genevro for a discussion of current shifts in the policy landscape at the local, state, and national levels.

Prosperity for a Finite Planet

Tim Jackson, as part of 5KL, will speak about the shifting paths for achieving prosperity in our lives.

Love Your Monsters

Bruno Latour dispels the myth that technology can free us from nature, arguing that in reality we are inseparable from the ecosystems that support us.

Speculative Science

Rachel Armstrong explains how we can reach the enticing prospect of ecological technologies that position change as a source of power, not vulnerability.

The Civic Entrepreneur

In an interview with Rory Hyde, Indy Johar expresses a need for architects to embrace holistic thinking and cross-disciplinary work in the aim of creating ”a virtuous social, environmental, and economic cycle.”

Citizenship and Governance for a Five Thousand Pound Life

Dayna Cunningham argues that social movements must gain wider currency and affect environmental change by viewing issues of employment, crime, and health as ecological concerns.

A Perfect Moral Storm

Stephen Gardiner explores how individuals should think about their responsibilities within a global, intergenerational crisis such as climate change.

5KL: Four Questions

Each 5KL participant is asked the same four questions on how we think, talk, and act on architecture, climate change, and our economic future.

A Perfect Moral Storm

Stephen Gardiner will explore how individuals should think about their responsibilities within a global, intergenerational crisis such as climate change.

From a Failed-Growth Economy to a Steady-State Economy

Herman Daly argues for the transition to a steady-state economy: one that recognizes and respects the fixed ecological limits of the planet.

Second Life: A Manifesto for a New Environmentalism

Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger espouse an optimistic environmental thinking promoting sustained government investment in the development of clean energy technologies.

The 5KL Reader

A curated reading list providing an overview and introduction to themes and debates central to The Five Thousand Pound Life.

Sustainable Citizenship

Drawing on ideas explored in her book Eco-Republic, Melissa Lane suggests a new ideal of citizenship, and the role of architects, in a sustainable society.

Sustainable Citizenship

In the second lecture of The Five Thousand Pound Life, Melissa Lane will explore a new ideal of citizenship for a sustainable society.

Degrowing Our Way to Genuine Progress

Worldwatch Institute Senior Fellow Erik Assadourian argues that creating alternate measures of societal progress is one step, but achieving that progress will require ending growth as we know it.

Climate Change in the American Mind

Anthony Leiserowitz offers a presentation and leads a discussion about American perceptions and understanding of climate change with panelists Dale Jamieson, Paul Lewis, and Kate Orff.