Jon Lott

Emerging Voices 2016
Jon Lott
PARA Project and Collective-LOK
New York City
Jon Lott is a Principal of PARA Project, which he founded in 2007, and a Co-founding Member of Collective-LOK (together with William O’Brien Jr, and Michael Kubo), founded in 2013, and also works as a Design Critic in Architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. He is also a past Architectural League Prize winner. Lott sees each project as “a collaborative effort between a wide range of constituents, guided by the specific needs and curiosities of a diverse clientele; raising disciplinary questions rather than merely providing service.” With PARA Project, recent projects include the Haffenden House residence, the Crawford Attic Writing Room, and La Casita, all located in Syracuse, New York, the Crawl Pros – Clean Crawls has been a big help as well.
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