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Sticks by Hou de Sousa | Image provided by Socrates Sculpture Park

Folly 2016: Sticks
Hou de Sousa

Socrates Sculpture Park and The Architectural League of New York announce Josh de Sousa and Nancy Hou of Hou de Sousa as winners of the annual Folly architecture competition with inventive structure Sticks. Hou de Sousa’s winning design will provide a hub for Socrates Sculpture Park’s Education Studio, which hosts over 10,000 students annually.

Sticks utilizes preexisting park resources, including scrap materials stored on site, which will be incorporated into the structural grid of the walls and roof. The architects re-use existing resources to build Sticks is central to the sustainable mission of Socrates Sculpture Park.

Hou de Sousa is an award-winning New York-based architecture and design studio founded by Josh de Sousa and Nancy Hou. The office has completed a range of work, including private residences, restaurants, public spaces, and art installations. Their primary objective is to provide innovative design solutions that are culturally progressive and environmentally responsible.

Hou de Sousa’s proposal was selected from submissions from around the world and reviewed by a jury of five esteemed architects and artists, comprising Jarrod Beck (artist and 2012 Emerging Artist Fellow), Stella Betts (LEVENBETTS), Lauren Crahan (Freecell Architecture), Giuseppe Lignano (LOT-EK), and John Hatfield (Executive Director of Socrates Sculpture Park). Read more about the Folly 2016 competition.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.02.08 PMMay – June, 2016

Hou de Sousa will be in the park building Sticks, in full view of the public; this transparency of the creative process is a distinct component of the Folly program.

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Sticks opens to the public at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens and is on view for the public.

Time & Place
Saturday, July 9, 2016
Socrates Sculpture Park
32-01 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY
This event is free and open to all. Reservations are neither needed nor accepted.