Torkwase Dyson


Torkwase Dyson_Headshot

Artist Torkwase Dyson writes: “My works are deconstructions of natural and built environments that influence black spatial conditions. I consider places and objects that help construct our ideas of humanness as ecological systems to be mined. Here, I question under what conditions can un-keeping a place or thing become a means of developing a deeper understanding of our own genealogy. In my drawings, paintings, and sculptures I re-image side walks, levees, slave castles, rivers, and auction blocks into minimal schematics that are mediations on human geographic development and belonging.

I merge minimal geometric abstraction and the language of architecture and landscape architecture to generate an idiosyncratic language that is both meditative and structural. The results are subtle images of aerial views and ethereal objects that make my subject of deconstruction unrecognizable. In its place are new visual narratives concerning recognition, proximity, resistance, and the imagination. I combine diagrammatic and expressive marks to build compositions that affirm principles of mediation, planning, archeology, science, and the poetics of space.”

Dyson’s work has been exhibited at Franconia Sculpture Park, Whitney Museum of American Art, Corcoran College of Art and Design, and Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. Dyson holds a Master of Fine Arts from Yale University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Tougaloo College. She is based in Brooklyn and was appointed lecturer in painting/printmaking at Yale in 2015.

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