Erin Besler


League Prize 2015: Authenticity
Erin Besler
Besler & Sons
Los Angeles, CA

Erin Besler founded Los Angeles-based Besler & Sons in 2014 with an interest in the space between disciplinary and practical problems. Her work “references and reuses things that are already in circulation” in order to re-think existing problems in architecture and find new means of material management.

Current and recent projects include Along the Resolution Frontier, video works created with Ian Besler that trace the edge condition between pixelated flatness and abstracted form in Google’s satellite images of the earth; The Entire Situation, an exploration of the architectural mock-up and its translation from digital to built form in an exhibition of walls; and Roof Deck, a finalist proposal for the Young Architects Program at MoMA PS1 that refits the museum’s existing roof to shelter the courtyard space. Her work was part of Chatter: Architecture Talk Back, a 2015 exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Published: September 3, 2015; updated September 17, 2015.