Clark Thenhaus


League Prize 2015: Authenticity
Clark Thenhaus
Ann Arbor, MI

Clark Thenhaus founded design research office Endemic in 2010. The studio explores “the strange relationships between context and architectural forms as a social and cultural practice of design.”

Current and recent projects include Poor Forms, a collection of cast models that manipulate familiar geometries, seeking the destabilization of form; The Belvedere & Berms, which investigates that building typology in the context of an abandoned missile silo site; The Canteen Farm House, which looks at how incremental insertions into existing irrigation infrastructures can improve regional food production; and A Project Four Domes Nowhere in the Middle, models of domes that distort or abstract that archetype in a new material, on display in the League Prize exhibition.

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Published: September 3, 2015; updated September 15, 2015.