Landing Studio | Interview

The Architectural League Prize 2015
Landing Studio
Dan Adams and Marie Adams

Dan and Marie Adams seek the latent potential of active industrial landscapes to “inject fascinating moments back into the city.” By working in spaces where a designer’s role is often unidentified, their Somerville, MA-based firm Landing Studio finds possibilities for interweaving industrial activity with public and recreational uses.

Their Authenticity installation includes models and timelapse videos illustrating how the global activity of industrial ports and highway systems interact with local environments over time. The two designers exhibit a catalogue of interventions and moments where industry, nature, and public activities can intermix to create new urban relationships — “we think it’s just a lot more exciting to be playing basketball as an oil tanker passes by within feet.”


Dan Adams received a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan and an M. Arch from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Marie Adams received a B.S. in Architecture at the University of Michigan and an M.Arch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Landing Studio’s project 99 Marginal was exhibited at the MIT Keller Gallery in 2013 and they received the Design Biennial Boston Award in 2015.

The Architectural League Prize, established in 1981, recognizes exemplary and provocative work by young practitioners and provides a public forum for the exchange of their ideas.

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