Thom Moran


League Prize 2015: Authenticity
Thom Moran
Ann Arbor, MI

Designer Thom Moran uses “humor to investigate the relationships between architecture, environments and objects.” He employs visual irony, incongruity, and “cognitive slapstick” to find “where space can be funny.” He also collaborates on projects and exhibitions at the Detroit-based initiative THING THING.

Current and recent projects include Obstacle, a group show that reimagines the obstacle course; Hitchhiker, an exploration of architecture through computer software; Sbagliato, which looks at the themes of counterfeit and homage by recreating iconic lighting designs with compromised material processes; and Between You & Me, a series of aluminum foil sculptural forms that act as updated caryatids, neither columns nor human figures, “with hilarious and disturbing results.”

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Published: August 31, 2015; updated September 22, 2015.