Anna Neimark and Andrew Atwood


League Prize 2015: Authenticity
Anna Neimark and Andrew Atwood
First Office
Los Angeles, CA

Anna Neimark and Andrew Atwood founded Los Angeles-based design collaborative First Office in 2011.

The firm has worked on furniture design, landscape interventions,  conceptual installations, and other built projects. These include Zoopol, a conceptual study for producing a new urban form through the figure/ground plane; a series of monumental furniture parts for the Pinterest headquarters; the Possible Table exhibition; Paranormal Panorama, a panoramic painting at Los Angeles’ MAK Center done completely in shades of white using a “paint by numbers” approach; and Shotgun House in Kentucky, which re-thinks the interior of that vernacular form to transform it into a live/work/display space for an artist.

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Published: August 31, 2015; updated September 15, 2015.