Gabriela Etchegaray and Jorge Ambrosi


Emerging Voices 2015
Gabriela Etchegaray and Jorge Ambrosi
Mexico City

Gabriela Etchegaray and Jorge Ambrosi founded Mexico City-based AMBROSI | ETCHEGARAY in 2011. With a belief that there is “strength to be found in silence,” the pair designs in harmony with nature and with continuity between the past and present. Particularly adept at the control and manipulation of light and shadows, they pair natural and machine-made materials in elegant form-making. Recent projects include the three residential buildings Edificio Alfonso Reyes, Casa EM, and Casa Tepoztlán; the Spa Querétaro, in which separation of spaces is created by small gardens and movable glass partitions; and the Palenque Matatlán, is a house for three generations combined with a family-run mezcal production plant that employs rammed earth walls.

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Published: June 15, 2015