Brian Phillips


Emerging Voices 2015
Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips founded Philadelphia-based Interface Studio Architects (ISA) in 2004. Driven by a philosophy of “radical pragmatism,” ISA pairs formally compelling design with an economy of means and a strong environmental agenda. The firm responds to the challenges of the post-industrial urban environment — finding opportunity in the 40,000 vacant lots pockmarking Philadelphia — and addresses contemporary needs through urban infill. Recent projects include the 100K Houses in Philadelphia, a collaboration with developer Postgreen Homes for the modest urban infill residential market; The Modules, a 72-unit pre-fab apartment building in Philadelphia; the Roxbury E+ homes in Boston, attached rowhouses with a net-positive energy rating; Flexhouse in Chicago, a two-phase rowhouse project; and Mass Logic, a supportive housing development in Syracuse that engages design’s potential for positive health impacts.

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Published: May 11, 2015