Elizabeth Whittaker


Emerging Voices 2015
Elizabeth Whittaker
Merge Architects

Elizabeth Whittaker founded Boston-based Merge Architects in 2003, seeking “invention in the ordinary.” Working at the intersection of digital fabrication and the handmade, the firm works at scales from furniture to multi-family housing, participating in the construction of nearly all its projects even as the scope and geography of projects expand. Recent projects include the Penn Street Lofts in Quincy, MA, which create a distinct identity for the normally anonymous typology of multi-family housing; MIT Beaver Works, a multi-use research space developed in collaboration with the MIT School of Engineering; the Marginal Street Lofts on the waterfront in East Boston, adjacent to an operating shipyard; and a proposed health and wellness center at a YMCA summer camp that uses the location of existing trees to guide the massing.

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Published: May 26, 2015