2015 President’s Medal: Reception and Dinner Photos


On May 4, 2015, The Architectural League of New York presented its President’s Medal to Henry N. Cobb, a founding partner of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. The President’s Medal is The Architectural League’s highest honor and is bestowed, at the discretion of the League’s President and Board of Directors, on individuals to recognize an extraordinary body of work in architecture, urbanism, art, or design.

All photos by Fran Parente.


Calvin Tsao and Yvonne Szeto

Anthony Ames and Blythe Alison-Mayne

Thom Mayne and Michael Sorkin

Jennifer Stone and Britt Cobb

Victoria Cerami and Nat Oppenheimer


Anne Rieselbach, Grant Marani, and Susan Chin

Suzanne Stephens and Hugh Hardy

Catherine Ingraham and Jamie Carpenter

Charles Lowrey and James Polshek

Alissa Bucher and Brad Burnham

Denzil Gallagher and Kurt Glauber

Lisa Green and Amale Andraos

Sandi Pei, Robert Heintges, and Molly McGowan

Varick Shute and Lauren Altman

Daniel Gortler, Vishaan Chakrabarti, and Charles Renfro

Dave Edwards and Andre Tchelistcheff

David Berridge and Jeffrey Osborne

David Childs and Richard Meier

Polly Apfelbaum, Mohsen Mostafavi, and Stan Allen

Diana Vinoly, Roman Vinoly, and Guillermo Neuman

Elaine Molinar and Mary Jane Augustine

Fiona Cousins, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Didi Pei, and Cathleen McGuigan

Frank Lupo and Mimi Taft

Wendy Evans Joseph and Henry N. Cobb

Frank Mruk and Judith DiMaio

Jessie and Charles Price

Mark Speed and Brenda Levin

Stephen Moser and Catherine Crocker

Stephen Yablon and Jennifer Sage

Tod Rittenhouse and Kenneth Drucker

Maria Alataris and Coren Sharples

Jean Byrne, George Miller, Brian Byrne, and Anne Tichich

Richard Meier, Lucinda Sanders, and Laurie Olin

Tod Rittenhouse, Joseph Mizzi, and Marcy Stanley

Laurie Beckelman, Alison Spear, and Suzanne Stephens

Mary Margaret Jones and Catherine Seavitt Nordenson

Jorge Otero-Pailos and David Leven

Kim Yao, Paul Lewis, and Eva Franch

Molly McGowan and Karen Fairbanks

LeeAnn Shelton, Jessica Liss, Lauren Altman, and Cheryl Davis look over the guest book

Wendy Evans Joseph, Laurie Beckelman, and Michael Horst


Kimberly Holden, Laurie Hawkinson, and Susie Rodriguez

Lisa Green and Rachel Judlowe

David Everson, Jordana Berman, Jay Berman, and Friend

Steven Holl, Dimitra Tsachrelia, Toshiko Mori, and Michael Manfredi

Nat Oppenheimer and Kirk Mettam

Sandi Pei and David Everson

Karen Stein, Mark Robbins, and Kimberly Holden

Giving congratulations to Henry N. Cobb

Guy Nordenson and Mayor Joseph Riley



Thom Mayne, Henry N. Cobb, and Angelica Rudenstine

Henry N. Cobb and Grant Marani


Programs designed by Pentagram

Angelica Rudenstine, Henry Cobb, and Merrill Elam

Mary Burnham and Taylor Aiken

Jeannie Phifer and Leo Villareal

Dimitra Tsachrelia and James Vincent Czajka

Jane Smith, Dave Edwards, and Tom Baker

Mark Speed and Pamela Cobb

Preston Scott Cohen and Adam Yarinsky

Scott Marble and Richard Olcott

Jeff Ravetch, Priscilla McGeehon, and Ken Smith


Jeff Ravetch and Zack McKown

Bruce Fowle and Adam Trojanowski

Maria Alataris and Laurence Lafforgue

Michael Sorkin and Sanford Kwinter

Mary Chatham and Ken Smith

Rachel Judlowe and Karen Stein

Richard Olcott, Mark Robbins, Ellyn Polshek, and James Polshek

Sanford Kwinter and Toshiko Mori

Tiziana Hardy and Granger Moorhead


Michael Beirut welcomes guests


Rosalie Genevro, Executive Director of The Architectural League, makes introductory remarks


Neil Rudenstine gives remarks

Neil Rudenstine giving remarks

Merrill Elam gives remarks

Mack Scogin gives remarks

Guy Nordenson gives remarks


League President Billie Tsien awards Henry N. Cobb the President’s Medal