5KL: Water

In nearly all American cities, clean drinking water is available with the turn of the tap. Behind the spigot, however, is an energy-intensive system of legacy infrastructure governed by layers of policy and administration. How can the carbon intensity of providing a clean and adequate water supply be minimized, and what can design and planning contribute to that goal?

The Five Thousand Pound Life: Water brought together twelve experts in water resource design and management — from architects to geographers to former government officials — to address issues of water supply in the context of climate change. The event was organized by The Architectural League and The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design and held on February 7, 2015.

The symposium addressed regional and climatological differences in water supply and management through case study sessions on Los Angeles, the Great Lakes region, and New York City. The day opened with a lecture on “Climate, Energy, and Water-Conserving Design” and closed with a panel discussion, “A Conversation on Water Supply.” The day’s speakers were Al Appleton, Hadley Arnold, Peter Arnold, Maria Arquero de Alarcón, Ila Berman, Kevin Bone, Rosalie Genevro, Henry Henderson, Jen Maigret, Peter Mulvaney, Josh Newell, Stephanie Pincetl, and James Wescoat.

Video of the full day’s presentations and conversations are available below.

The Five Thousand Pound Life (5KL) is an initiative of The Architectural League on new ways of thinking, talking, and acting on architecture, climate change, and our economic future.


Published: March 30, 2015.

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