5KL: The Energy Issue

Energy is power. Even minor disruptions in the discovery, treatment, distribution, or consumption of energy can produce major disruptions in social, political, economic, environmental, and cultural structures. Energy is a lever unlike any other, and those who have access and influence to this lever closely guard it.

The Five Thousand Pound Life: The Energy Issue was a symposium on energy and architecture organized by The Architectural League and the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP). On May 10, 2014, architects led discussions on the energy issue with the investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, policy experts, journalists, and filmmakers closest to the power of energy. Speakers included Jeremy Leggett, who delivered the day’s keynote address, Michelle Addington, Rachel Boynton, William Braham, Marshall Cox, Rosalie Genevro, Kate Gordon, Carola Hein, Adrian Lahoud, Deirdre Lord, and Mark Wigley.

We have published videos of the presentations and conversations that took place during that symposium.

The Five Thousand Pound Life (5KL) is an initiative of The Architectural League on new ways of thinking, talking, and acting on architecture, climate change, and our economic future.

The Energy Issue is a GSAPP initiative to make energy a cultural issue, launched in partnership with Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®. Follow the initiative @theenergyissue.


Published: June 23, 2014. Updated: September 2, 2014.